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Feb 16, 2021

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Home Design Makeover MOD APK Over the centuries, humans have developed a lot. We evolved from living into caves to employing trunks and leaves to make homes in the jungle. Afterward, from villages to city-states, and the vast kingdoms, lifestyles have changed so much. Ancient houses of the upper class to the ones of slaves, we see much variety in building style. However, in this modern age, we have interior designers to set up the interior of our houses.

There were architects in the past, but now the professionals have more advanced skills than they had. If you want to design homes, but do not have time or money to do so, home design makeover mod apk is the way you can change interiors at your will. Home design makeover mod apk allows you to take an empty room and change it to something hundred times better than the previous one. In this game, you are not required to have a professional diploma in interior designing; all you have to do is to install the game, and get in the designing zone!

Home Design Makeover MOD APK

NameHome Design Makeover
RequiresAndroid 4.4 and up

Storm8 Studios
Last updatedNovember 8, 2019


The process of renovating a home is not easy at all, but this game makes it much more comfortable. If you love to solve puzzles, and want something creative at the same time, this one is the perfect pick. At the start of the game, a client comes to you, asking for a redesign of the interior. You agree to the conditions of your client and pick the redesigning task. At the start, you are guided about the process of this game. You are told what to do, how to do, and when to do. The game is much more fun than expected.

You start by redesigning the sofa and keep on doing other modifications to make the room brand new. After doing a task, you require money to do the next one. To have other tasks complete, and entertaining puzzle pops in front of you. w to do is to complete the provided puzzle, and you get money after completion. The problems are easy to complete, and you can keep on upgrading your items at the pace of completing the puzzles. There are many options to choose from after you have money to redesign a previous topic or put a new one.

There are many stages in the game, and you can get enough of the modifications required. The graphics are straightforward yet descriptive. You can become an interior designer by just having the game, and nothing is stopping you. As you keep clearing the levels, you are put on the next mission. The needs of every client are different, and keeping up with them is all on your shoulders. Just solve the puzzles, make money in the game, and put the items on the required places. Hurray, this one makes you an interior designer in no time!


  • You are redesigning the home, and you have to decide whether you pick an old-style or a modern one for the house.
  • You can renovate and redesign many types of rooms, like living rooms, old kitchens, bathrooms, and chic bedrooms.
  • Your clients are Hollywood celebrities to newlywed couples, and your job takes you to Tokyo, Paris, and Morocco!
  • Get to choose from a broad and versatile range of high-end designer furniture, marvelous lighting, sturdy flooring, and other décor options.
  • There is no need to have internet for playing this game, get the phone out of your pocket anywhere and everywhere to play the game.
  • There are many game modes, and all of them contain relaxing puzzles for an outstanding experience!
  • There are new updates to the game levels, decors, and many more to multiply the fun manifolds.

What’s new?

  • There are new levels in this version
  • Enjoy all-new makeovers

What is home design makeover mod apk?

No doubt that this game proves to be the best choice for those who want fun and learning at the same time. However, the method of having coins is very tedious. Every time you get to a new level or wish to make any renovation, you are forced to have coins by completing the task or spending real money to do so. If you want to avoid the restraint from the developers to earn coins, have the home design makeover mod apk installed on your device.

Features of the modded game

  • Get unlimited money to unlock all the items in this mod
  • Bypass the paywall set by the developers
  • Do not spend money on in-app purchases
  • Get unlimited money in the game
  • Have what you want in the game in no time
  • Complete levels with extra and unlimited money you get from the modded version
  • Spend money from the modded version to have all the items in-game
  • Forget about spending money to have coins in your game


The modded version of this game is very compelling. It allows you to make progress without waiting for solving puzzles or spending real money to buy coins. However, when it comes to downloading modified games, people worry that they are downloading a virus on their device with the modded game. This is not true at all when you download modded games from our website, as we present virus-free and privacy-respecting modded games that you can play on any supported Android device.

How to install

  • Locate the home design makeover mod apk downloaded on your device

  • Click the .apk file to have home design makeover mod apk installed on your device

  • After a successful installation, click on the game icon

  • That is all, enjoy the unlimited coins within the game


Home Design Makeover MOD APK (1) Home Design Makeover MOD APK Download

User Review

The attractive and comfortable play interior design is equipped with puzzles, and the mysteries add to the potential of the game. The game is very simple and intuitive to proceed with, and it allows you to have changes in the interior of the given without having any professional qualification. The developers have taken care of the details, and there are no flaws in the plot and gameplay itself.

One of the best things about this game is it has been updated regularly and has included many new features over time. The regular additions to the game items have made it an excellent choice for those who want to leave the RPG or FPS genre for some time. The gameplay is very colorful and sharp, and vivid so that nothing falls behind the curtains of darkness. Some users complained that the game is stuck after some until you spend money, but staying patient is the key to proceed.

You might think that the repetitive scheme of solving the puzzles and putting things in the required place gets dull over time, but this is not the real thing. Once you start the game, there are many options in diverse levels that you cannot stop yourself from enjoying the game. If you want a fun and exciting game that runs excellent on low-end devices, this game is the best option in the puzzle game category.

Final words

The interior design simulation placed in the home design makeover mod apk is more than enough to compel everyone that this game is different and outstanding! Download the modded version right now, and make yourself an interior designer in no time!

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