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Hole.io MOD APK Studying Physics is fun to learn and necessary for a sustainable future. In this world, we are made of matter and live by things that are made of matter. However, the last century has been the best century for physics. With the theory of special relativity, many people showed attention to study physics by pop science. However, the fantasies of time travel and the wonders of black holes are the most striking things in the world of physics. Black holes have an immense ability to suck things in them and grow bigger by swallowing things. Hole.io MOD APK lets you live the life of a black hole.

Hole.io MOD APK is an arcade game that goes by the rules of physics. The game has the mechanics of the battle royale genre, and players take part in a limited-time activity to be the top scorer at the end of the timeframe.

Hole.io MOD APK

RequiresAndroid 4.4 and up
Last updated October 17, 2019


In this game, you get to enjoy the mechanics of various competitions. The classic game in the mode requires you to do a straightforward and fun task. The task seems easy but gets stressful and intense as you progress. Your objective in the classic mode of the game is to travel around the map of the stage in a timeframe of two minutes. In this fixed time, your task is to become the most active black hole. As the human understanding of black holes, you have to consume things in the game to grow bigger. You can increase the size of your black hole by consuming cars, poles, pedestrians, buildings, and anything that you can encounter.

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When your black hole is small, you cannot consume all things. To grow bigger in size, you have first to consume smaller things. After becoming more prominent, you can get to consume bigger stuff according to your size. The game requires enlarging your black hole to eat up everything that comes your way. As the rule of physics, a smaller black hole can be consumed by a bigger one. In the two minutes round, if your black hole gets swollen, you lose your life in the game. After losing a living, you get another chance after some seconds.

After the casual battle mode, you can also play the battle mode. While all the things are the same in this mode, your primary objective is to become the black hole roaming free at the end of the stage. In the battle mode, all players try to consume other black holes to become the survivor. If you cannot stay at the end of the game, it means that you have lost the game.

If you want to play this black hole consumption saga with your friends, you can enable the in-app Bluetooth connectivity feature to play with your friends. The game fits in the hyper-causal genre, and it is always good sometimes to go for something oddly satisfying!

Game features

  • Go to the battlefield to face other black holes waiting for your demise
  • Eat anything that shows in front of you, so you are not eaten by other holes
  • Get your size increased by eating more objects
  • Stay the survivor by eating other holes
  • Play with your friends


  • These steps allow you to compete with your friends in the same room:

  • Local Multiplayer” will enable you to create a place for multiplayer gaming, click on the menu on the right side of the screen

  • Ask your friends to join the battle by allowing their Bluetooth

  • Enjoy the fierce fighting!

What’s new

  • Minor bug fixes

Hole.io MOD APK

Hole.io is the most addictive game that you can play right now. If you are a fan of RPG games or FPS games, it is time for you to relax a bit. Like other games, the plot in this game is not complicated at all. From the very beginning of the game, you know what you have to do.

Moreover, all you have to do is to stay out of the rest by becoming the survivor at the stage end. If you achieve the survival goal, you have completed your task successfully. However, Hole.io MOD APK adds more to the game. It allows you to enjoy the paid features of this game without paying money.

Mod features

  • Do not waste your time by seeing ads; go enjoy the fun by having Ad-free gaming!
  • Max the levels like the paid version of the game.
  • Have all the features unlocked that are only for paid subscribers.
  • Do not worry about paying money to enjoy the most!
  • Get all of the skin in the game without paying for them


For this game, it is straightforward and straightforward in plot, some people overlook this game. However, what they forget about the game is that this game allows you to increase your focus on one task. In this super casual game, you do not have to follow the dull and indifferent routine of other games. You are not forced to follow the adventures put by the game. In the only 2 minutes round, you can either become the king or can come back to become the king. Gauging the causality, the download method should also be straightforward.

The easy thing is that you only have to click on the download button to have Hole.io MOD APK on your device. You do not have to pass ad walls to reach the original file. Clicking on the download button will start Hole.io MOD APK download immediately!

How to install

  • Find the Hole.io MOD APK in your downloads folder

  • Click on the Hole.io MOD APK file to start the installation

  • Enable unknown sources in your during installation if prompted

  • Enjoy the game by clicking on it after installation


Hole.io MOD APK (3) Hole.io MOD APK (3) Hole.io MOD APK (3)

User Review

The only feature of this game that is applauded by all the players is the causality. You do not have to wait for a long time to build your profile, or to learn how to play the game. The game is a rapid quest, and you can enjoy the real fun in just some minutes. Within those few minutes, you can set the map of the game to the mayhem. The simple goal of staying survived at the end is not easy to accomplish at all, and you have to stay healthy and smart to make it to the end!

The game is entertaining and incredibly challenging at the same time. If you are looking for a simple and addictive game, you only have to pick Hole.io MOD APK over any other competition. You are not required to fulfill fancy requirements, and this game is for physics students, especially. If you always wanted to abuse the powers of a black hole, you have the opportunity to do so within the premises of the virtual world.

Final words

The only thing users hate about this game is ads. In the free version of this game, you have to see ads every now and then. When seeing ads can waste your time, it can also take your concentration away. Install Hole.io MOD APK available on our website to enjoy ad-free gaming with more features!

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