GTA Vice City gained a lot of attention when it was first released. The game is played by millions around the globe and has many other parts in the series. However, this article covers the basics of the GTA Vice City APK and its mod version. You can download its apk file from the download link given below.

It is a third-person game and illustrates a stunning mix of luxurious lifestyles with crimes. The game’s story revolves around violent crimes committed at the hands of gangsters.


GTA Vice City was released after GTA London and was enthusiastically accepted by the users. Rockstar Games developed the game, which has turned these GTA games into a trademark. However, among all the games in the series, GTA Vice City tops the charts in terms of its popularity.

The game was only launched for PlayStation at first, but with its increasing popularity over the years, it moved to other devices as well like Android and iOS-based smartphones. The game has sold over 17.5 million copies, making it the most-sold video game in history. Moreover, it is available to download for PC, iOS, or Android phones.


The time era of the game is set in the 80s. The main character of the game is a famous bandit, Tommy Versetii, who recently gets released from prison.

Tommy arrives in GTA Vice City and embarks on a crime by securing an illegal deal after looting a large sum of money. However, he gets into his own mess when something goes wrong, and he must place everything back without being caught.

In addition, he must return everything not to put his friends and family in danger and pay back debts and loans to mafia groups in the city.


GTA Vice City APK full game comes with the modded version, and you can download it for free on any of your devices. The game consists of many exciting and dangerous missions that involve theft, killings, and saving your own life from mafia groups.

Additionally, it offers captivating missions that you must complete in order to level up. Your avatar goes through rigorous experiences like murders, street fights, robberies, stealing property, and more heinous crimes.

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But, it will help if you remember that mafia groups do not forgive your mistakes. So, you only need to look out for yourself, even if that means taking the lives of innocent people in the game.

However, you have a variety of weapons available at your disposal in the GTA Vice City Mod APK. These include stunning brass knuckles to knock out your opponents, knives, rifle guns, shotguns, and grenade launchers to cause fear in your surroundings when you need to escape. Also visit: Download GTA 5 APK


The modified version of the game comes with many advantages and all the top features. You can download GTA Vice city for free and indulge yourself in a luxurious world of crime and near-death experiences.

However, some of the top features that make the game stand out and become famous are described below. So, read on to know why the game has a huge fan base.

① Stunning Graphics and Design

The game is crafted with a lot of attention to detail. The illustrations are excellent and provide a realistic touch while playing. It has stunning lighting effects with defined and precise shadowing.

Customize according to Your Taste

You can change the setting and customize the game according to your liking. So, change the characters’ clothes or the backdrop, and enjoy the visuals like you want to.

Compatible with Multiple Controllers

The GTA Vice City game supports a lot of controllers like MoGa Wireless Game controller and other USB-based controllers as well. Controls of GTA VC Mobile are very easy to use and understand.

Stunning Frame Rate

The frame rate is very uniform. So, if you do actions like fighting and running, the transitions look very realistic. Moreover, the background sounds give the game fights a more realistic touch. 

Supports Many Languages

You are able to play this game in multiple languages, so you can select your mother language and enjoy the game in that too. Anyhow, this feature is not mostly found in other popular games but its available in GTA Vice City For Mobiles.

Upgraded Maps

The latest version of GTA Vice City for mobile has an updated map that features new places to go to. The game also has a lot of car vehicle options to choose from and drive around the city.

Download Free GTA Vice City MOD APK

gta vice city apk

You can download the mod version of GTA Vice City for free from this page. So, don’t waste any time and download the game now to start playing.

① Click the above download button.

② You always have to consider allowing the unknown sources to permit the installation smoothly.

③ Now install the MOD + OBB File of GTA Vice City.

④ Finally, please open it and let the adventure begin.

Furthermore, the game can run on any device with the same features. Also, download a similar game like GTA 5 APK from here.



GTA Vice City MOD APK is a great alternative to the original game. You can have access to all the features for free and experience epic adventures in a beach environment and enjoy stunning views while causing crimes in the city and running away from mafia groups.

The game is all for adventure, so download it now and start playing.


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