Gangstar Vegas Mod APK v4.4.0 Download (Money + VIP) 2020

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Gangstar Vegas Mod APK: For a very long time, gangsters have been an essential part of digital games. The presence of gangsters in a game in most situations ensures that the game becomes a hit. The gangster lifestyle is one of the most essential elements of modern culture.

The involvement of Hip-hop in catapulting the gangster lifestyles is unforgettable. However, being a gangster in real life is impossible. You cannot become the big boy in the town by leaving your home to rob others. Nevertheless, in this digital age, you can become a gangster virtually. Gangstar Vegas mod apk lets you see the gang side of life!

Las Vegas is famous in the world for its sumptuous casinos, clubs, and gangsters. Across hundreds of films and games, the mafia from Vegas was represented. If you were looking for an open-world game, particularly a game where you could roam Las Vegas streets, here is the answer. Gangstar Vegas mod apk can take you to the action center and encourage you to enjoy being a gangster-like the real world.

Gangstar Vegas Mod APK

App NameGangstar Vegas: World of Crime
DeveloperGameloft SE
Operating systemAndroid 4.1 and up
Last UpdatedAugust 21, 2019

Plot and Gameplay

You start as an MMA fighter Jason with a rough go of things in Sin City after opening the game. Although he is perfectly willing to throw a fight for a local crime boss, he runs into an unexpected snag when his opponent flops before he can, who is on the take like Jason. He calls another crime zone lord with angry mobsters on his trail. The crime Lord Jason called is an old woman, with the qualities of hard-drinking, strip club-owned, and karate fighting. Jason asks for protection from her. She offers it, but she needs his support, as well.

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Driving, flying, shooting, stabbing, or whatever you are doing feels natural in this game because of proper button placement and excellent car physics. Through tilting, you can steer your car. You can also have the option to control your car with buttons. You may change the type of control for each vehicle. Keeping the storyline aside, players can roam freely and/or engage in several side events, including notorious bank robberies, street racing, and several underground fighting tournaments.

Step forward to play the game for becoming the boss, as you can own property in this game. Property management is also present, allowing you to earn revenue through the enterprises acquired during the game. Casino mini-games like video poker blackjack and slot machines, nightclubs, and convenience stores are present in this game in line with the Las Vegas theme of the game.

Overall, the game is straightforward to control. You can learn the mechanics of the game in no time. Gangstar Vegas is a very intuitive game, and you get a hold of it within minutes. However, once you get the plot and mechanics, you cannot leave the fun of the game!


  • Be a gangster by running free in the vast open game world full
  • Be the initiator of gang wars, commit theft, vice, compete in auto racing, and enjoy the sniper action
  • Make clan conspiracies, experience zombie shooting, and live the gangster crap in all of its wildness
  • Get outside to explore the grand open city
  • Take part in every TPS action mission, embrace the racing challenges, have secret collectibles, and grand theft.
  • Play your favorite casino games that you cannot play in San Andreas
  • Experience the insane open-world encounters
  • Start your life by boxing for the mafia, and live on to claim the real grand prize by sending your own crime clans to fight the gang world of the city.
  • Play more than 80 action-packed missions full of theft, auto racing, shooting to save your life
  • Have unexpected alien wars, face the waves of tanks, and fight zombie clans in the city
  • Be the boss with tools of the trade
  • Start your gang life by fighting with Flamethrowers, Maltov Cocktails, Grenade Launchers, and so on!
  • Drive muscle cars, armored tanks, hoverbikes, fighter jets, to fulfill the dreams of your little gangster times.
  • Send drones to have an auto cover fire, counter strike support, and for healing purposes
  • Customize your TPS skills and in-game gear to become the best gangster
  • Be the Vegas high roller by having an extensive collection of costumes to dress as a zombie gangster, mafia kingpin, world boxing grand champion, auto racing pro, Shaolin fighting master, future sniper, and much more.

What is new?

  • Go out to earn your stripes in war with the military-grade weapons and gear in this update!

  • Be a Funky Rebel to School your rivals in style by having a throwback challenge.

  • Get the chance to Encounter 51 to assimilate alien tech in a top-secret assault for finding the truth

  • Have the rumbling Night Scour on the map for hidden items to unlock powerful tools.

What is Gangstar Vegas mod apk?

Gangstar Vegas is available on the Google Play Store. However, the game on the play store does not provide all features in the free version. You do not have all the features unlocked after installing the basic version. You have to make In-App purchases to rule the game. To become the real gangster without paying money, download the Gangstar Vegas mod apk from our website right now! Having Gangstar Vegas mod apk in your android device makes you the real gangster you wanted to be all the time!

Mod Features

  • Get unlimited money to buy anything

  • Have unlimited gold coins

  • Get access to all the ammunition in the game

  • Get all skill points without clearing all stages

  • Have all Cars already purchased

  • Have all guns already purchased

  • Have all Trucks without paying money or playing game

  • Get all choppers to kill with style

How to download

If you want to have the virtual experience of gangbanging, you can install the Gangstar Vegas mod apk. However, if you are wondering where to download the mod, you are in the right place. You can download the Gangster Vegas mod apk from our website right now. We do not ask you to log in for downloading the awesome mods and apks, just click on the download button to start downloading right away!

How to install

  • Download the Mod Apk by clicking on the download button.

  • Turn your wifi or data off after downloading successfully.

  • Install the Gangstar Vegas mod apk on your android device.

  • Extract the OBB file to “/Android/obb/”.

  • Open the game to live the gangster life
    Post-installation guide

  • Do not have internet access on your phone while playing the game.

  • If you want to have internet access on your phone while playing the game, use “NoRoot Firewall” to turn off internet access of Gangster Vegas mod apk.

  • If you cannot open the game for some reason, delete the .obb file, and open the game with internet access. After downloading some data in the game from the internet, turn off your internet to again paste the .obb file downloaded from our website!

  • Avoid having participation in online activities of the game to stay safe from a ban!


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Final words

Gangstar Vegas Mod APK: This game, for sure, is one of the best games to have on your device for a virtual gang experience. This game needs no reviews, and you can feel the goodness after installing the game yourself. We have tried our best efforts to cover all the possible errors. However, feel free to contact us if you run into any troubles with installation!

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