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Funimate Mod Apk: One of the best video editing applications till now is Funimate Video Editor mod APK. With more than 10 million downloads at the play store, the application is getting more popular day by day. The application is loaded with amazing features and functions to support its popularity.

As we listen, the mod versions mostly contain some security issues. But the application is well tested before its publishing. The application provided you with the best techniques to edit your videos by using effects, filters, and 3D fonts. You can split, crop, trim, and add transitions, and multiple stickers to your videos.

Mod Info?

  • Pro Unlocked + No Watermarks

Mod Menu

  • Unlock all effects
  • Unlock all filters
  • 3D Fonts
  • Split
  • Crop
  • Trim
  • Add Transitions
  • Multiple Stickers

There are many video editing applications available in the market. But what makes Funimate different from others is its intuitive interface and amazing features. If you are looking for an application to edit your videos professionally, then Funimate is the best option for you.

What does it do?

The video editor Funimate is a great tool to have for those who want easy and professional-looking videos from their mobile device. With capable smartphone hardware, you can now capture footage easily with just one tap on your phone screen! And because this app has an intuitive interface that makes editing simple as well – there’s no need for bulky software or installations needed in order complete various tasks such as chopping clips together seamlessly while adding music at different points throughout the piece; all these features come built right into what many people call “the best small business solution out here.”

In addition, editing videos has never been easier! The app is packed with tons of features that will help you create your own viral hits. You can customize how it looks for each one, adding interesting visual effects in the process and getting famous faster than ever before thanks to these amazing edits we’ve pulled off on behalf o everyone who uses our tools here at Video Editing Tools HQ. Make changes as needed while working through all stages from the beginning (base) – to the end(fully)- if not satisfied simply export the completed project file so the user doesn’t need to finish everything themselves.

Funimate Mod Apk

Edit Your Videos

Editing videos on your phone with Funimate Video Editor is so simple. The application allows users to add different items to make videos more attractive and amazing. The User Interface of Funimate is easy and each user from Beginners to professionals level can learn and work on this application very smoothly.

The editing features are really amazing. Each element in the application is easy to edit. You are able to crop the video, trim it, or split edit. You can speed it up or speed it down.

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Multiple Visual Effects

With an option to choose from 100+ video effects, Funimate is the perfect app for anyone who wants their videos to stand out. You can make anything appear on your screen with these awesome options and more!

Click Effects and Filter

If you’re new to this genre and still want to create professional videos, then try the Funimate! It’s an Android+iOS application delivering the best short video designing tools as well creative resources library. Moreover, with just one app for both tasks of creating your own custom-made clips or uploading them onto YouTube without having two different applications running at once will be possible thanks in part to our modified version which granted us access that grants complete control over what features are available when working within Editor zone so whether it’s Pro subscription-based content creation options we have covered here including multitude effects never seen before on any platform.

Customize Stickers and Transitions

The application provides you with a huge variety of stickers and transitions to add to your videos. You can also add 3D fonts to make your videos more attractive and interesting.

Share Your Videos

The application allows you to share your edited videos on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp. You can also share your video with your friends and family very easily.

Thousands of Overlays and Backgrounds

Video Aspirer is a virtual gadget with an extensive library of tools that can be used to edit videos. The best part about it? You get access not only for free but also without having any monthly subscriptions! With all these great features such as text editors and animation editors, cropper trimmer, etc., there’s no wonder why more people should give this amazing software another chance after their first impression was terrible because they thought Video Editor was just something simple (which wasn’t true).

It offers users assistance from paid stock elements effects stickers in order to prepare transitions freestyle animes lip-sync dance moves …and much more!!

Filters and Effects used in Funimate

Once you create your video users can add unique filters and effects to their videos. It will make your video more colorful and attractive to see. You can apply and check multiple effects to your videos even if you can add multiple effects to the whole video.

There are multiple categories of filters in the application named as love, nature, style and many more. You can add background layers to your video. Even the effects with different types are available to use. Try 3D effects with animations.

Fonts and sounds

The last stage before downloading the video is to add text and lyrics to your videos. You can make lyrical videos for your blogs and social media accounts using this Funimate Video Editor mod APK. There are plenty of fonts that you can apply to your videos. Even with text, you can also use stickers and sounds.

There is an option of adding background music. You can also add local songs from your Android device with a simple click. Or you can also add the songs that this application provides to you. Some English songs are available. Pop songs and classic songs are also available to set in your videos.

Add multiple graphics to your edits

Funimate offers an engaging experience for Android users with its wide selection of graphics and stickers. With this app, you can make your videos more exciting by adding emojis or texts that are available in the pack!

Awesome AI Effects

This app also has some AI effects that you can use to make your videos better. The app will automatically detect the faces in the video and apply the appropriate effects.

No watermark

With the Funimate MOD APK, video editors will no longer have to worry about pesky watermarks while making masterpieces. The app is ad-free and has an interface free from interruptions that allow you more time for creativity! So what’s waiting? Download this prosperous modification instantly by clicking here.

Enjoy the unlocked app for free on our website

Funimate is now available for free on our website! All it takes to get started, download, and install the Funimate Mod APK. You’ll be good in no time at all with the fully featured application without any pesky ads popping up every couple of seconds or so while playing games online together as friends, etc.

Just like before but better because this way there won’t need a special code from another site which could link back directly into your bank account if something goes wrong (not that I know anything about that).

The process is pretty simple and the best part about it is that you can use it on your mobile devices as well! So now you can download the Funimate Video Editor directly to your smartphone and enjoy all of its features anywhere you go.

The app is free to download on our site and we hope that you take advantage of this great tool!

Thank you for choosing Funimate as your go-to video editing software! We appreciate your trust in us and will continue to work hard in order to provide you with the best experience possible. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us at any time.


The Funimate Team

System Requirements

– A minimum of 2 GB RAM

– A minimum of 4 GB of free storage

– Android 4.4 (KitKat) or higher

– An active internet connection

How to Install Funimate Mod Apk

1. Download the Funimate Mod APK from our site.

2. Enable Unknown Sources from your Android device’s Settings > Security.

3. Install the APK file.

4. Open Funimate and enjoy all its features without any watermarks!

Download The Latest version of Funimate Video Editor Mod APK

  • You can simply download the application from Play Store and App Store.
  • Or you can also download the APK file from the Web Browser.
  • Enable Unknown Sources from the settings of your Android devices.
  • Start the Installation process and your application is ready to start your editing skills.

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Final Words

Download this Application for adding great effects to your videos and making your videos more attractive and beautiful. Try plenty of filters and fonts, to make your lyrical videos more presentable. Add transitions with movable techniques. So without wasting your time and energy searching for the best video editing device let’s download this mod apk of Funimate.


What is the size of this app?

This app’s size is 35 MB.

Is this app available for free?

Yes, this app is available for free.

Is this app available for IOS devices?

No, currently this app is not available for IOS devices.

Is there any watermark in this app?

No, there is no watermark in this app.

Which Android version supports this app?

This app requires Android version 4.1 and up.


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