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Dragon City MOD APK Supernatural creatures are loved by humans of all ages. From the ancient world to the modern tech-revolving world, humans love to hear about the paranormal phenomenon and creatures. If you care to think about uncommon and extraordinary, the word “Dragon” would not be new for you.

Dragon mythologies and fantasies are as old as humankind is, and humans love to hear about gigantic creatures soaring the skies or seizing the mountains. If you want to live life with dragons, the dream yours is not unachievable in this virtual world. Breeding dragons is now easy with dragon city mod apk.

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Dragon City is a game that was primarily available on the Facebook gaming platform. However, this majestic game is now available as a standalone package for mobile devices for a long time. The developer “Social Point” created the Dragon city game, one of the most famous android games of this decade!

Dragon City MOD APK

Requirement 4.1 +
Rating4.5 (8564)


Gameplay in Dragon City involves the building of habitats for dragons. You have the activity of hatching dragon eggs in this game. Besides hatching, you can test breeding types of dragons together. By checking and creating new breeds, you make sure that your city of the dragon has the most adorable dragons. The main activities in the game are hatching, building, housing, and feeding dragons. However, you do not have to worry about the enormity of the task. The game features tutorials within the game for you so that you have to follow them for the creation of your city.

This game is straightforward to play, as there is not a plot to follow or a goal to achieve in this game. Your primary task in the game is to make money within the game to level up. As your level increases in the game, so the types of dragons in the game increase. The more money and dragons you have in the game, the more fun is here. Having new dragons in your game is not difficult at all. You can have new dragons by only hatching eggs. Other dragons grow and evolve by your feeding, and you can have great dragons by breeding two different types. You even get new dragons as daily bonuses.

The central money in the game is “gold.” You need gold to do simple tasks in the game. Some of the functions to complete require less gold. However, other jobs require much amount of gold. Getting gold for difficult tasks requires completing arduous tasks, so you can use real-world money to acquire gold.

Game features

  • Just join the game to complete the Dragon Book! You can get over 1000 breathtaking dragons to breed, and collect all those dragons to make your dragon city according to your will!
  • You can get new dragons by joining the game every week via breeding events and special island events.
  • Step in the game to decorate your dragons with awesome Dragon Skins by participating in special events.
  • Get the game now to enjoy the unique adventure included in the Dragon Quests.
  • You can play against other Dragon Masters in the PvP Arenas to get unique dragons,
  • You can Claim Warrior’s Chests to climb up the leaderboards!
  • Enter the game to Summon dragons via the magical world in the Tree Of Life to put them to the test.
  • Collect unique Orbs to empower your dragons and see how the strength of dragons increases with the orbs!
  • Unlock Ancient World and Guardian Dragons as you progress through the game.
  • Join the Alliances in the game to play and battle the other Dragon Masters, get to chat with them, and trade Orbs in the Trading Hub, get to share Alliance Gift Events, and explore Alliance Chests.
  • Log in with the Windows version to take your game everywhere!

What’s new?

  • Get to enjoy the brand new Runner Island in Dragon City!
  • You can now soar the skies to earn exclusive rewards by Nimbus, your unique dragon racer!
  • Experience Switching lanes, dodging the rocks, and collecting Pinwheels as many as possible!
  • Getting More Pinwheels means you can have more rewards. Are you up to get the first Legendary Wind dragon?
  • Experience the age-restricted features in the Global chat for 18+ users.
  • Experience the new touch to the past features.

What is Dragon City MOD APK?

Are you ready to take on the best dragon game on the market to collect tons of adorable fire-breathing dragons? Do you want to Train dragons to your will, expand your collection, and prove your power of being the best dragon master in the world? If all of the points above are your goals, you surely have to spend much time to be the best. Time is not the only factor; you have to pay real money for getting game gold. However, there is a workaround. You can skip playing the game for long hours and spending real money with the dragon city mod apk. Dragon city mod apk allows you to be the master of the dragon city in no time!

Features of the mod

  • Get unlimited gems in the game to complete your tasks in no time.
  • Avoid completing arduous tasks to gain gold with the unlimited gold in the mod apk.
  • Get unlimited food in the mod apk to grow your dragons in no time.
  • Unlock all dragons in no time.
  • Get all the arrays unlocked at the beginning.

MOD APK Dragon City Download

The dragon city game is available on the Google Play Store. However, the game on the play store takes a lot of time and effort to master. You cannot have all the features on install. To have unlimited gems, gold, and food without spending real-world money or countless hours, download the dragon city mod apk from our website right now. Having the mod in your android device makes you able to master the game and have as many dragons as you want!

How to install

  • After successfully downloading the dragon city mod apk, please turn your Wi-Fi and data off.
  • To locate the apk file in the download folder of your android device.
  • Click on the downloaded dragon city mod apk to install the game on your android device.
  • Open the game right away and enjoy the dragon breeding!

User Review
This game is no doubt one of the most famous android game titles of all time. Millions of users around the world play this game on a regular basis.

Users enjoy the activity of Building a Dragon City on floating islands. You can fill the islands with farms, habitats, and buildings. Having tons of dragons on the islands is what people love. Treating the collection of baby dragons with love is the primary goal.

Final Words

Feeding and evolving your dragons to make them stunning beasts for expanding your collection is no doubt a fun activity. However, the fun multiplies when you get to fight your dragons with other online players. To raise above the other players without having the trouble of completing tasks and spending money, download dragon city mod apk now! Go To Homepage


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