Does Torque App Work With Android Auto?

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The Torque app is a popular mobile application designed to monitor and diagnose vehicle performance. It is commonly used by car enthusiasts and mechanics alike.

With the advent of Android Auto, many users are curious about whether the app works with this platform. In this article, we will explore whether the Torque app is compatible with Android Auto.

What is Torque App?

Torque App is a mobile application available on both Android and iOS platforms. It is used to monitor various parameters of a vehicle’s performance, such as engine RPM, throttle position, and fuel economy. The app requires an OBD-II Bluetooth adapter to connect to a vehicle’s onboard diagnostics system.

What is Android Auto?

Android Auto is a platform developed by Google that allows users to access their smartphone’s interface through their car’s dashboard display. It enables drivers to use voice commands to control various features of their phone without taking their eyes off the road.

Does Torque App work with Android Auto?

Unfortunately, the answer is no – Torque App does not work with Android Auto. According to the developers of the app, it is not yet compatible with this platform. This means that you cannot use the Torque App directly through your car’s touchscreen display while driving.

Alternatives for using Torque App while driving

While it may be disappointing that Torque App doesn’t work with Android Auto, there are still ways you can use it while driving:

  • Mount your phone on your dashboard or windshield using a phone holder and use the app directly on your phone.
  • If your car has an infotainment system that supports screen mirroring from your phone, you can mirror your phone’s screen onto your car’s display.
  • You can also opt for other alternatives such as OBDLink MX or BlueDriver, which are compatible with both Android Auto and Torque App.


In summary, while the Torque app is a useful tool for monitoring vehicle performance, it is not yet compatible with Android Auto. However, there are alternative ways to use the app while driving. By mounting your phone on your dashboard or using a mirroring system, you can still access the app’s features and keep an eye on your vehicle’s performance.