Does BMW iDrive Have Android Auto?

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The BMW iDrive is a popular infotainment system that offers a range of features to enhance the driving experience. One question that often arises among Android users is whether the BMW iDrive supports Android Auto. In this article, we will explore this topic in detail.

What is Android Auto?

Android Auto is a mobile application developed by Google that allows users to integrate their Android devices with their car’s infotainment system. It provides a simplified interface and access to various apps and features, including navigation, music playback, and messaging.

Does BMW iDrive support Android Auto?

Unfortunately, as of now, BMW iDrive does not support Android Auto. BMW has its own proprietary system called ConnectedDrive, which offers similar functionality but is not compatible with Android devices.

So, what are the alternatives for Android users?

While BMW iDrive may not have native support for Android Auto, there are still options available for Android users to integrate their devices with the infotainment system.

1. Bluetooth Connectivity

The most basic way to connect your Android device to BMW iDrive is through Bluetooth. By pairing your phone with the car’s infotainment system via Bluetooth, you can make hands-free calls, stream music, and access some limited features like contact syncing.

2. USB Connection

An alternative method is to connect your Android device to the BMW iDrive using a USB cable. This allows you to play music stored on your device directly through the car’s speakers and control it using the infotainment system.

3. BMW Apps

BMW offers a range of mobile apps that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and used in conjunction with the iDrive system. These apps provide additional functionality, such as access to weather information, news updates, and remote control features.


While BMW iDrive does not currently support Android Auto, there are still ways for Android users to integrate their devices with the infotainment system. By utilizing Bluetooth connectivity, USB connections, and BMW’s own mobile apps, Android users can enjoy many of the features offered by Android Auto. It’s important to note that BMW regularly updates its software and introduces new features, so it’s always worth keeping an eye out for future compatibility with Android Auto.