Does Android Auto Have YouTube?

Android, Android Auto

Android Auto is a popular platform that allows users to connect their Android devices to their car’s infotainment system. It provides a seamless and hands-free way to access various features and apps on your phone while driving.

One of the most commonly asked questions about Android Auto is whether it has support for YouTube. Let’s dive in and find out!

What is Android Auto?

Before we discuss YouTube compatibility, let’s quickly go over what Android Auto is. Developed by Google, Android Auto is an extension of the Android operating system specifically designed for use in vehicles. It provides a simplified interface with larger buttons and voice commands, making it easier and safer to use while on the road.

Apps Supported by Android Auto

Android Auto supports a wide range of apps that are optimized for in-car use. These include navigation apps like Google Maps and Waze, music streaming services like Spotify and Pandora, messaging apps like WhatsApp and Hangouts, as well as various audio and podcasting apps.

YouTube App Compatibility

Unfortunately, despite its popularity, the official YouTube app is not currently supported by Android Auto. This means you cannot directly access or play YouTube videos through the Android Auto interface on your car’s screen.

Workarounds to Access YouTube

While the official YouTube app may not be available on Android Auto, there are a few workarounds you can try to access YouTube content while driving:

  • YouTube Music: If you have a subscription to YouTube Music, you can still enjoy music-related content through the dedicated YouTube Music app on Android Auto. While it doesn’t provide access to regular video content, it offers access to music videos, live performances, and personalized playlists.
  • Third-Party Apps: There are some third-party apps available on the Google Play Store that allow you to access YouTube content through Android Auto. These apps provide a limited set of features and may not offer the same seamless experience as the official app, but they can be a viable alternative if you really need access to YouTube while driving.
  • Casting: If your vehicle supports casting or screen mirroring, you can use this feature to mirror your phone’s screen onto your car’s display. This way, you can open the YouTube app on your phone and play videos directly from there. However, keep in mind that using your phone while driving is not recommended and may be illegal in some regions.


While Android Auto does not currently support the official YouTube app, there are alternative options available to access YouTube content while on the road. Whether it’s through dedicated music apps or third-party solutions, you can still enjoy music-related content or find workarounds to get access to regular video content. Remember to always prioritize safety while driving and only use these features when it is safe and legal to do so.

With Android Auto’s extensive compatibility with other popular apps and services, it still provides a valuable platform for staying connected and entertained during your car journeys.