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Feb 14, 2021

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Cooking fever MOD APK Cooking is an art and a science. One cannot put ingredients on stove and dream of tasty food. Like all the other professions, the craftsmanship of chefs is outstanding. They know the exact of what to gather, how to cook, and how to serve. However, if you do not have time and resources for cooking, you cannot cook what you want. With the advent of smartphones, you can do anything virtually, and the same is true for cooking. While other fevers render you restless, cooking fever fills you with excitement. Cooking fever mod apk is the game that can take the fever to extremes!

Cooking fever mod apk is a game allowing you to cook food virtually, even if you never cooked in your life! Having all the interesting cuisines and fun ways to cook food, you can never get bored of this cooking-simulator, and you can verify it yourself!

Cooking fever MOD APK

NameCooking Fever
RequiresAndroid 4.1 and up
Last updatedDecember 4, 2019


Who could’ve imagined that the cooking would be much easier in this era, and here we have cooking fever mod apk mod apk to allow us cooking as much as we want! In this addictive game, you have to make sure that you keep your food ready on time. You are working as a chef at a restaurant in this game. It is not like you have to sow seeds and reap plants yourself for cooking. Ingredients are already present, but you have to master your cooking skills to get the food ready as soon as possible.

As you keep clearing the stages, more and more customers visit your restaurant. You must make sure that every customer coming to you get the order completed in no time. To ensure the quick delivery of food to your customers, what’s necessary is that you have mastered the cooking skills. To get more related to the mastery stuff, the word “fever” adds more meaning. In this game, you get a cooking fever, and there is no cure until you keep progressing and make your customers happy with what you cook.

This game works on the reward mechanism. The more stages you clear, the more ingredients are unlocked. Every customer leaving your desk puts some money, and that money keeps getting collected. By the end of a stage, you have lots of money and many customers willing to come back. Starting with only burgers, you make hotdogs and lots of stuff that you always wanted to cook. The cooking fever is real, and you have to be real quick to get all the cooking fun! Things are not always fun, and your customers might end up getting angry. Make sure that the tasty food you make calms their anger down, and you get the ultimate cooking pleasure!

You can get to cook many delicious recipes in this game, and all for free! On 27 unseen places, you can get to cook all types of mouth-watering food from around the world! Get yourself ready to learn all-new cooking skill in the short time you have! Have an enormous range of ingredients, and cook more than several dishes. As there are many kitchen appliances at your disposal, make sure to use all of them for delicious food. If you are such type of cook who puts customer satisfaction over money, make cookies and cupcakes to provide them to your customers for free. Its all about cooking in cooking fever mod apk, make sure you join the league as soon as possible!


  • Make use of the 350 ingredients you are given to cook over 1300 dishes
  • Get to cook food at 27 awesome places
  • The fun is unstoppable, get to cover more than 1400 levels
  • Make thousands of upgrades on your kitchen appliances, and make the interior of your restaurant as you want


  • Cooking fever requires your access location to provide in-app purchases depending on your region
  • Cooking fever requires external storage access to save your game progress

What’s new?

  • Get to cook in all-new Hard Rock Café
  • Provide food to your favorite Rockstars
  • Get rocking in the brand-new Café

What is Cooking fever mod apk?

There is no doubt that cooking fever mod apk is a game you should play to get the best cooking experience. Players of this game around the world have proven this fact, and this game has earned the Editors’ choice badge to further prove it. However, there is a strange problem with all the good games on the market. There are not many games where developers leave it to you to pay money or not. Like the other fun games, you are forced to pay money in this game too. There are not only ads, but they also try to make more money from you by using in-app purchases. Luckily, you can take out this bad part using Cooking fever mod apk. This modded version contains all the in-app purchases you can make in the game. After installing this, you do not have to pay for money at all!


Like the outstanding features of the modded version, the downloading procedure is fun too. All you have to do for getting Cooking fever mod apk is clicking on the download button, and the downloading process will start automatically!

How to install

  • Locate the modded apk in your android device
  • Click on the downloaded apk to install the game
  • After installation, click on the game’s icon on your home screen to start the cooking madness!


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User Review
Although there are many cooking games on the internet, the most fun thing about this game is the wide range of dishes and restaurants. It is not like all the levels are easy to play. You have to focus on the game to get the maximum customers and take out the challenges. The latest update in the game has introduced the 3D appearance of the customers. The new Hard Rock café is being equally liked, and you have can verify the fun-packed in it yourself.
The cooking style in this game is like none other. The color range is also very appealing to get the players addicted to the cooking fun. The game gets on fast pace as you keep progressing, and this factor makes the game great for those who love challenges. Talking about the graphics, they are very outstanding for the small size of the game. If you are looking for a game that keeps you happy and indulge in your spare time, make sure to play this title!

Final words

The cooking experience in this game is outstanding. All the things are set up in a very competitive way, and you have to pave your way to progress in this game. If you get excited when a game contains fun characters, this game is a must-try for you. The sounds of characters upon getting food from you are great and keep you interested in the game. There are many fun places in this game to cook, and you do not want to miss the fun! Keep visiting our website for modded games and apps! Happy cooking!

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