Can You Play Finger on the App on Android?

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Can You Play Finger on the App on Android?

If you’ve been following the latest app trends, you might have heard about “Finger on the App.” This viral game created by MrBeast has gained immense popularity among iOS users.

However, if you’re an Android user, you might be wondering if you can also join in on the fun. In this article, we’ll explore whether you can play Finger on the App on Android devices.

What is Finger on the App?

Finger on the App is a game that challenges players to keep their finger pressed down on their smartphone screen for as long as possible. The last person standing wins a cash prize. The game requires precision, endurance, and a lot of patience.

Finger on the App Availability

Initially, Finger on the App was only available for iOS devices through the Apple App Store. This limited its accessibility to iPhone and iPad users. However, due to its popularity and demand from Android users, there were speculations about an Android version being released.


As of now, there is no official release of Finger on the App for Android devices. The game remains exclusive to iOS users.

Possible Alternatives

If you’re an Android user and feeling left out from all the Finger on the App excitement, don’t worry! There are alternative apps available that offer similar gameplay experiences:

  • Finger Frenzy: This fast-paced game challenges your agility and reflexes as you tap your way through various levels.
  • Don’t Lift Your Finger: Test your endurance by keeping your finger in contact with your screen for as long as possible in this addictive game.
  • Finger Driver: Control a car using just your finger in this challenging driving game. Navigate through obstacles and try to achieve the highest score.

Although these alternatives may not have the same cash prize incentive as Finger on the App, they still provide a fun and engaging experience for Android users.


While Finger on the App is currently only available for iOS users, there are alternative games that offer similar gameplay experiences for Android users. Whether you choose to participate in Finger Frenzy, Don’t Lift Your Finger, or Finger Driver, you’re sure to find an entertaining challenge that will keep you engaged.

So, even if you can’t play Finger on the App on Android right now, don’t let that discourage you from exploring other exciting gaming options available on your device. Happy gaming!