Can You Install APK on Xbox One?

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Are you wondering if you can install APK on Xbox One? The answer is no, you cannot.

Xbox One Operating System
The Xbox One runs on its own operating system called Xbox OS. This operating system is different from the ones used by Android devices which use the APK format for installing applications.

APK Format
APK stands for Android Package Kit and it is a file format used by Android devices to distribute and install applications. These files are not compatible with the Xbox One operating system.

Alternative Ways to Install Apps on Xbox One

Although APK files cannot be installed on the Xbox One, there are other ways to get apps on your console.

Xbox Store

The easiest way to get apps on your Xbox One is through the official Xbox Store. This store offers a wide variety of apps and games that are specifically designed for use on the console.

Developer Mode

If you are a developer, you can enable developer mode on your console and create your own apps using Universal Windows Platform (UWP) tools. This allows you to create custom apps that can be installed directly onto your console.

Side-loading Apps

Another option is to side-load apps onto your console using a USB drive or network transfer. However, this method requires some technical knowledge and may not be suitable for everyone.

  • To side-load an app, you need to download the app’s installation file onto a USB drive.
  • Insert the USB drive into your console’s USB port.
  • Navigate to the File Explorer app on your Xbox One and find the installation file.
  • Select the installation file and follow the instructions to install it onto your console.


While it may be tempting to try and install APK files on your Xbox One, it is not possible due to the different operating systems used by Android devices and the Xbox One. However, there are other ways to get apps on your console such as through the official Xbox Store or by creating your own apps using developer mode. If you decide to side-load apps onto your console, be sure to do so at your own risk and with caution.