Can You Install Android TV on a Firestick?

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Can You Install Android TV on a Firestick?

If you are a tech enthusiast and love exploring new possibilities, you might have wondered if it is possible to install Android TV on a Firestick. Android TV is a popular operating system that powers smart TVs, media players, and streaming devices.

On the other hand, the Amazon Firestick is a widely used streaming device that runs on the customized Fire OS. In this article, we will dive deep into whether it is possible to install Android TV on a Firestick.

Understanding the Differences

Before we proceed any further, let’s take a moment to understand the differences between Android TV and the Amazon Firestick’s operating system.

  • Android TV: Developed by Google, Android TV offers a user-friendly interface and access to various apps through the Google Play Store. It supports voice commands through Google Assistant and provides a seamless integration with other Android devices.
  • Fire OS: Developed by Amazon, Fire OS is based on Android but has its own unique interface. It heavily focuses on promoting Amazon’s content and services, such as Prime Video and Alexa voice control.

The Limitations

Installing Android TV directly onto a Firestick device is not officially supported by Amazon. The company has designed its streaming devices to work exclusively with the Fire OS. Therefore, attempting to install Android TV may void your warranty and could lead to potential issues or limitations in functionality.

Please note: This tutorial is for informational purposes only. Proceed at your own risk.

Possible Workarounds

While you cannot directly install Android TV on your Firestick without modifications, there are alternative methods that could provide a similar experience:

1. Sideloading Apps

Fire OS allows you to sideload apps onto your Firestick. This means you can install certain Android TV apps individually, even if the full Android TV operating system is not supported. However, keep in mind that not all apps may work perfectly without the underlying Android TV framework.

2. Custom ROMs

If you are an advanced user and want to experiment with your Firestick, you may consider installing a custom ROM that is based on Android TV. Custom ROMs are unofficial versions of the operating system that can be installed on compatible devices. However, this process requires technical knowledge and carries risks such as device instability or bricking.


In conclusion, while it is not officially supported to install Android TV on a Firestick, there are workarounds available for those who want to explore alternative options. By sideloading compatible apps or installing custom ROMs, you may be able to bring some Android TV functionality to your Firestick device.

Remember: Proceeding with any modifications or installations outside of the official software may have consequences, so it’s important to carefully consider the risks and potential impact on your device before proceeding.