Can You Install an APK File on Roku?

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Are you wondering if it is possible to install an APK file on Roku? The answer is no, unfortunately. Roku devices do not support APK files.

What is an APK file?
An APK file is an Android Package Kit used to distribute and install apps on Android devices. It contains all the necessary files for the app to run, including code, resources, and images.

Why can’t you install an APK file on Roku?
Roku devices use a different operating system than Android devices. They use their own proprietary operating system called Roku OS. This means that apps designed for Android will not work on Roku without being specifically developed for it.

What are the alternatives?

If you want to watch content on your TV that is only available through an app in the Google Play Store, there are a few alternatives you can try.

Screen Mirroring

One option is to use screen mirroring to display your Android device’s screen on your TV through your Roku device. This will allow you to access any app installed on your Android device and display it on your TV.

Roku Channels

Another option is to use channels available on the Roku Channel Store. Many popular streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video have channels available in the store.

Sideloaded Apps

It’s worth noting that while you cannot directly install an APK file on a Roku device, there are some third-party channels that allow you to sideload apps onto your Roku device using developer mode. This involves enabling developer mode, which can be done by entering a code sequence using a remote control. Once developer mode is enabled, you can sideload certain apps onto your Roku device using software such as WebTools or the Developer SDK package.

  • Disclaimer: Sideloaded apps are not officially supported by Roku and can be risky to install as they can harm your device or access your personal information. Use caution and only install apps from trusted sources.


While it may be disappointing that you cannot directly install APK files on Roku, there are still plenty of options available to access content on your TV. From screen mirroring to using channels available on the Roku Channel Store, there are many ways to enjoy streaming services on your Roku device. Just remember to be cautious when sideloading apps and only install from trusted sources.