Can We Play YouTube Videos in Android App?

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Can We Play YouTube Videos in Android App?

YouTube is a popular platform for watching and sharing videos. If you’re building an Android app and wondering if it’s possible to play YouTube videos within your app, the answer is yes! In this tutorial, we will explore how to incorporate YouTube videos into your Android app using the YouTube Android Player API.

Why Play YouTube Videos in Your Android App?

Integrating YouTube videos into your app can greatly enhance the user experience. Whether you’re creating a video streaming app, a music player, or even a news app that includes video content, allowing users to watch YouTube videos within your app keeps them engaged and saves them from having to switch between apps.

The YouTube Android Player API

To play YouTube videos in your Android app, you need to use the YouTube Android Player API. This API provides a set of classes and methods that allow you to embed and control YouTube videos within your app.

Note: Before proceeding with the integration, make sure you have an API key from the Google Developers Console. You can obtain one by creating a project and enabling the YouTube Data API for that project.

Step 1: Set Up the Dependency

To begin, open your project in Android Studio and navigate to the build.gradle file of your module. Add the following dependency:

dependencies {
    implementation ''

Step 2: Add Permissions

Add the necessary permissions to your AndroidManifest.xml file:

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET" />
<uses-permission android:name="android.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE" />

Step 3: Design Your Layout

Now, let’s design the layout for playing the YouTube video. You can use a YouTubePlayerView to display the video player:


Step 4: Initialize the YouTubePlayerView

In your activity or fragment, initialize the YouTubePlayerView and set up the necessary callbacks:

YouTubePlayerView youTubePlayerView = findViewById(;
youTubePlayerView.initialize(API_KEY, new YouTubePlayer.OnInitializedListener() {
    public void onInitializationSuccess(YouTubePlayer.Provider provider, YouTubePlayer player, boolean wasRestored) {
        if (!wasRestored) {
            // Load and play a specific video
            // Or play a playlist

    public void onInitializationFailure(YouTubePlayer.Provider provider, YouTubeInitializationResult error) {
        // Handle initialization failure


In this tutorial, we learned how to integrate YouTube videos into your Android app using the YouTube Android Player API. By utilizing this powerful API, you can provide users with seamless access to YouTube videos without leaving your app.

Remember to obtain an API key and follow the necessary steps to set up the dependency, add permissions, and design your layout. With just a few lines of code, you can enhance the user experience and make your app more engaging.

Happy coding!