Can We Play Roblox on Android TV?

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Roblox is a popular online gaming platform that has been gaining immense popularity among the gaming community. It offers a wide range of games that are developed by users and can be played by anyone on various devices.

One question that often arises is whether we can play Roblox on Android TV or not. In this article, we will explore the possibilities of playing Roblox on Android TV.

What is Roblox?

Roblox is an online gaming platform where users can create their games and play games created by others. It was launched in 2006 and has since then gained a massive user base of over 150 million monthly active users. The platform is available on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

Can We Play Roblox on Android TV?

The short answer to this question is yes; we can play Roblox on Android TV. However, it is not as simple as just downloading the game from the Google Play Store. Currently, there is no official version of the Roblox app available for Android TV.

Alternative Method to Play Roblox on Android TV

If you want to play Roblox on your Android TV, you can use an alternative method by sideloading the app onto your device. Sideloading means installing an app from a source other than the official app store.

Here are some steps you need to follow to sideload the Roblox app onto your Android TV:

  • Firstly, you need to enable installation from unknown sources in your settings. Go to Settings > Security & restrictions > Unknown sources.
  • Download the APK file for Roblox from a trusted source.
  • You can download using any browser like Chrome or Firefox.
  • Once downloaded, go to File Manager > Downloads and click on the Roblox APK file you just downloaded.
  • Click on Install to begin the installation process.

After the installation is complete, you can launch the app and start playing Roblox on your Android TV.


In conclusion, we can play Roblox on Android TV by sideloading the app onto our device. However, it is important to note that this method may not be entirely secure, and users should download apps from trusted sources only.

We hope this article has helped you understand how to play Roblox on your Android TV. Happy gaming!