Can I Transfer Music From My Computer to My Android Phone?

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Are you tired of listening to the same old songs on your Android phone? Do you have a library of music stored on your computer that you would love to transfer to your phone?

Well, good news! It is very much possible to transfer music from your computer to your Android phone. In this article, we will guide you through the process step-by-step.

Method 1: Using a USB Cable

The easiest and most traditional way of transferring music from your computer to your Android phone is by using a USB cable. Here’s how:

  • Connect your Android phone to your computer using a USB cable.
  • Your smartphone should prompt you with a notification that says “USB charging this device.” Tap on it and select “Transfer files.”
  • Now, open the file explorer on your computer and locate the music files that you want to transfer.
  • Select the desired files and copy them (Ctrl + C).
  • Navigate to the folder on your smartphone where you want these files to be saved.
  • Paste the files (Ctrl + V) into this folder.
  • Wait for the transfer process to complete.

Method 2: Using Google Play Music

If you don’t have a USB cable or prefer not to use one, fret not! Another way of transferring music from your computer to your Android phone is by using Google Play Music. Here’s how:

  • Download and install Google Play Music Manager on your computer.
  • Launch Google Play Music Manager and select “Upload songs to Google Play. “
  • Select “iTunes” or “Music folders” as per where you have stored the music files.
  • Choose the folders or playlists that you want to upload and click on “Next.

  • Select “Upload all songs” and click on “Upload. “
  • Now, open Google Play Music on your Android phone and log in using the same account that you used on your computer.
  • Your uploaded music will now be available for streaming or downloading on your phone.


If you wish to download the music files onto your phone, tap the three-dot menu icon next to any song or album and select “Download.” This will save the file onto your device for offline playback.


Transferring music from your computer to your Android phone is a breeze with these two methods. You can use whichever one suits you best. So go ahead and enjoy listening to your favorite tunes on-the-go!