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Bee Factory MOD APK Sweets always attract us. We cannot deny the fact the desserts are the loveliest thing in our life. Honey stays on top of the natural sweets. For centuries, honey has been counted as a natural remedy to many health issues. Nowadays, honeybees are in danger because of cellphone towers. While honeybees have been busy providing us honey, we are harming them. Now we know the problem, we must work it out to save the life of bees. If you want to pay tribute to the work of sweet honeybees, it is time to play Bee Factory MOD APK.

Bee Factory MOD APK is the game that does not require you to be the ultimate master of all the mobile games in the world. If you know how to read English, and how to tap on the screen according to the instructions, you well may become the ultimate master of this game.

Bee Factory MOD APK

NameBee Factory
DeveloperGreen Panda Games
RequiresAndroid 4.1 and up
Last updatedOctober 31, 2019

Plot & Gameplay

The plot is not much complex that it takes you ages to grasp it. You are the manager of your honey factory, and you have to produce as much honey as possible to get the riches!

Once you are in your bee factory provided by the gameplay, you are free to tap, make money, and use that money to make your factory better for making more money. The game falls in the category of idle games, but this game has taken the idealness to the nobility. You do not have to care about the twisted details hidden behind the barricade of the twisted philosophies; all you have to do is to make more money by producing more honey. Creating more honey means you can invest more in your factory to make more money! How simple and repetitive it is!

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Upon start, all that you have as the equipment and laborer in your game is a single bee with one conveyer built. Your honeybee makes its way to the cell, gives a little amount of honey upon arrival, and the honey is jarred for selling. However, if you wanna speed up the production of the amount of honey, you have to tap on the screen to send the honeybee flying to the cell. By this gesture, the bee gets to the cell without taking a long time, and you can enjoy more amount of honey!

To further speed up the production of the honey, you can swipe on the conveyer belt to see the process of production speeded up. The process is looking very dull and slow, but you do not know all about the factory yet. Once you start getting your creation, you get money, and you can use that amount of money to upgrade your factory and the honeybee cells. As you upgrade, you get better honey production, and more production leads you to your path of being a millionaire.

More about the game

When you want to increase honey production, you have to take some steps. First off, you have to give the amount of money produced by selling your honey to upgrade your cells. When you upgrade your honey cells, you get more honey cells for inflated production. When you have upgraded a honey cell to the maximum level, you can reset that cell to experience a production boost. Nothing is impossible in the world of gaming, and producing more honey with this streamlined game is not difficult at all.

One of the main components of this game is the production unit. When you upgrade your production line in the game, you get to have a boost in the production of honey. Improvements in the production line also enable you to pack more honey in the jars and increase the amount of honey you get from every pot your factory produced.

Finally, yet importantly, there are level upgrades packed in this game. When you upgrade your level, you get to unlock the other factory stages. Factory stages put more money into your account, and you can enjoy more stages as well in the fun-packed game.

Game features

  • Get more than one hundred outstanding bees as you progress in the game
  • Sell all the honey you gather in the game
  • By making more money, get the chance to upgrade your factory

What’s new?

  • Have the fun of Halloween!
  • Get the chance to break Halloween open to find five new and powerful honeybees!

What is Bee Factory MOD APK?

The game itself is filled with fun and wonders, and you cannot miss the original and astounding gameplay of this game. However, when it comes to android gaming, you can expect miracles on all steps of your gaming. If you want to get the most out of your honey factory, stop looking for in-app purchases. Several fun honey-producing tools are allowing you to do more with your honeybee life, but Bee Factory MOD APK will enable you to get all the in-app purchases without paying money. See the mod features below:

Mod features

  • Get all the in-app purchases without paying.
  • Have all the useful tools unlocked from the very first stage?
  • Get to produce more honey.


The mod includes every fun thing you might want to have, but could not because of the money associated with it. If you’re going to grab all the goodies packed in Bee Factory MOD APK, you do not have to look anymore. You can download this fantastic modded game from our website right now. And more surprisingly, you do not have to register yourself on our website to download this fantastic game. Click on the download button, and you are good to go with the game.

How to install

  • 1. Press the download button to download Bee Factory MOD APK.
  • 2. Locate the downloaded apk in your downloads folder.
  • 3. Click on the apk to install the game on your favorite android device.

User Review
As far as the game is concerned about keeping the idle genre in mind, this game has everything you might love as a fan of this specific genre. Once you decide to produce more honey, nothing is stopping you. You only have to give a small amount of time to this easing game, and you can see heaps of honey being produced in the game.

The gameplay is simple, yet entertaining at the same time. The game has received a 4-star rating on the Play Store, and this cements how people love to play this game.

Reviewing this game over the years, you can experience the improvements added to the game. The game system is now more rewarding, and you can enjoy the rewards surely. Considering the gameplay, the game is very well designed. There is a large number of bees to choose from, and always upgrading your fleet of bees produces a sense of satisfaction.

Final words

If you cannot afford expensive costumes to look like a bee, and you are unable to produce honey even after wearing an outfit, choose the opportunity of Bee Factory MOD APK. Download the modded version to have the in-app purchases without paying, and make as much honey as possible.

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